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Bodies and minds - What is normal?

Lecture slides - for use after the lecture

Compassionate Spiritual Care

Slides to accompany plenary by Rev Karen MacKinnon

Disability case studies from recent media:

Please look at in advance of Disabilities week; Slides looking at case studies of media coverage of disability,

Doctors, Disease and Society

Lecture slides: This is a varied and interactive teaching session that will help you to get to grips with the biopsychosocial model of health and illness.Two clinical cases will unfold over the course of the session

Final Slides for PMS: Fact of Fiction? The Social Construction of a Disease

This is the final and complete version of the slides

Gender and CHD

No description.

Introduction to Pain Week

Contains 1. Overview of the field 2. Case (video) 3. Supporting information for the case 4. Resources for the supporting information a. Sciatica Option Grid b. NICE neuropathic pain pathway c. Startback d. Pain Management Programmes information 5. REsources for introductory lecture a.CMO England report on Pain

Key Moments in Smoking History

This documents lists key moments in smoking history (A-N). It is to use with the Smoking Timeline'.

Liaison Psychiatry Older Adult

Lecture slides for Case 5: Pain and medication use in the elderly

Lung cancer workshop - with a focus on the impact of smoking and health inequalities

Slides accompanying workshop looking at the impact of smoking on health, discussing: whether or not tobacco should be an illegal drug; the concept of stigma; the roles gender and class play in health inequalities

MSE Form

This is a form with tick boxes for the most common psychopathologycal presentations. It is a useful way to do a MSE pointing by numbers. If you use it, try to learn what each of the words means. It was developed by Jeff Patrick

Mental State Examination Glossary

This is a comprehensive decument with brief descriptions of the meaning of the terms commonly used in a menatl state examination. It was developed by ACCESS Behavioural Science


An introduction to the psychotic illnesses Their aetiology, presentation, and the stigma surrounding them

Psychosocial aspects of diabetes and improving outcomes with a patient centred approach

Slides accompanying symposium on the practical management of diabetes, exploring common psychosocial factors in diabetes, barriers to effective self-management, effective communication and improving outcomes

STIGMA lecture year 2

Lecture slides

Skin deep

Lecture slides accompanying symposium on skin, exploring how physiology, histology and sociology are vital for a complete understanding of the structure and function of skin alongside living with the consequences of skin conditions

Smoking Timeline

Use this timeline to write the events listed A-N on the document titled 'Key Moments in Smoking History' according to what year you think they happened.

Social and behavioural aspects of HIV and AIDS

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the current global and UK situation with regards to HIV and AIDS; social and behavioural issues

Social aspects of ageing

Slides accompanying gerontology lecture on population ageing; the impact of longer life expectancy; changing working and family lives

The Wounded Healer

The powerpoint slides from the Wounded Healer Session

The Wounded Healer

Slides from the session The Wounded Healer

The health and treatment of people with learning difficulties

Slides considering how society's attitudes can influence the health and treatment of people with learning disabilities.

The medical model of disability / the social model of disability

Diagram comparing the medical or individual model of disability with the social or structural model

Thinking about disease

Lecture slides accompanying session covering: the biospsychosocial model of disease; evolution and medicine

What is a good death?

Slides describing: the principles of palliative care for people with a terminal illness; the concept of death and dying as a social construct; and different cultural attitudes to death and dying

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