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Cerebrovascular diseases - neuroradiology

Slides accompanying SBoM on cerebrovascular diseases

Imaging the abdomen: conditions

Slides with text accompanying session on radiology of the abdomen, covering the radiological modalities used to investigate: dysphagia; cirrhosis; pancreatitis; inflammatory bowel disease; colorectal cancer

Imaging the abdomen: modalities

Slides with text accompanying lecture on radiology of the abdomen, covering: the radiological modalities commonly used to image the abdomen; their strengths and limitations; how radiation protection influences the choice of modality

Imaging the locomotor system

Slides and notes accompanying lecture introducing the different alternatives in musculoskeletal imaging including: plain films; ultrasound; CT; MRI; nuclear medicine

Management of the seriously injured patient

Slides accompanying lecture covering: reception of trauma patients; primary survey; secondary survey; radiology; procedures; limb injuries; spinal injuries

Radiological features of lung cancer

Slides accompanying session from ICE


Slides to accompany Rheumatology Lecture given by Dr Emma Williams at RHCH

Skull and cervical spine anatomy and imaging

Slides accompanying radiology lecture covering: imaging methods; the anatomy of the skull and cervical spine; injury, tumours and congenital abnormalities

Spinal imaging interpretation for the non-radiologist

Slides describing the available spinal imaging modalities and their common clinical indications; the pros and cons of each modality; the typical appearance of normal spinal anatomy and common pathologic findings

Stroke/brain injury radiology handout

Session 2 Stroke week handout produced by Dr Clive Vandervelde, Consultant Radiologist

Swallowing and oesphageal dysmotility

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the structures and mechanisms involved in swallowing; the clinical importance of swallowing

The chest x-ray

Slides accompanying radiology tutorial

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