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Acute MI

Slides accompanying lecture on myocardial infarction

Alcohol and Addiction

6-10 January - Introduction Slides

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Slides accompanying lecture on the diagnosis and management of ALS (motor neurone disease/MND)

Anatomy and pathology of head injury

Slides accompanying session on the anatomy and pathology for intracranial haemorrhage, diffuse axonal injury and contusions, and ischaemia/hypoxia

Asthma: an overview of pathophysiology and treatment

Slides accompanying symposium on asthma, looking at the abnormal airway physiology and pathology underlying asthma, and its clinical presentation, epidemiology and treatment

Atheroma (atherosclerosis)

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the response to injury hypothesis in relation to the development of plaque; the principal components of an atheromatous plaque; complications of atheroma; the clinical effects of atheroma

Atheroma, thrombosis and infarction

Slides to accompany BM4 pathology lecture

BM5 Year 1 Pathology Revision Session

Slides to accompany Dr Moutasim's pathology revision session

BM5 year 1 tutorial (6): a patient with lung cancer

Complete material accompanying the small group tutorial for BM5 year 1 on lung pathology (tutorial 6). The material has been made available due to cancellation of the small group sessions as a result of COVID-19


Lecture slides for the lecture on Balance (Jan 2020)

Basic histology

Lecture slides to accompany BM4 year 1 lecture

Blood - an introduction: plasma and platelets

Lecture slides accompanying Introduction to Haematology Part 2, covering: the components of blood and their production; the cascade system and clotting mechanism

Blood - an introduction: red and white cells

Lecture slides accompanying Introduction to Haematology Part 1, covering: the components of blood and their production; the cascade system and clotting mechanism

Bodies and minds - What is normal?

Lecture slides - for use after the lecture

Bone and joint infections

Slides accompanying lecture covering: septic arthritis (SA); osteomyelitis (OM); prosthetic bone and joint infections (PBJI)

Bone tumours

Slides accompanying lecture covering: common neoplasms of bone; pathological effects of bone neoplasia; osteosarcoma as a model for principles

Bones, muscles and falls

Slides accompanying lecture on osteoporosis and falls prevention

Breast Examination & Common Diagnosis

Handout to accompany presentation by Ms N Chand

Cardiac Pathology - Part II

Lectures slides - Wed 17 Oct 2018

Cardiorespiratory physiology and pathophysiology

Slides accompanying lecture on applied physiology on the ICU

Cardiovascular Pathology

Lecture slides

Cardiovascular Pathology

No description.

Cardiovascular pathology: lecture 1 of 2

Lecture slides to accompany lecture 1 of cardiovascular pathology

Case histories for Year 1 pathology tutorials

These are the case histories you will be discussing in your pathology tutorials. Some hard copies (in black-and-white) will be provided by your tutors.

Cell cycle and chromosome number

Slides accompanying lecture covering: cell cycle; cell division; malignant transformation; oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes; mutations; chromosomal abnormalities; Down's syndrome epidemiology.

Cell death

Slides accompanying BM5 year 1 lecture on cell death.

Cell death

Slides to accompany BM4 pathology lecture on cell death

Cell growth & cellular adaptations

Lecture slides to accompany BM4 year 1 lecture (2019)

Cellular adaptations

Lecture slides accompanying session on cellular adaptations

Cellular adaptations

Lecture slides accompanying cellular adaptations lecture (BM5)

Cellular pathology and immunology of COPD

Slides accompanying symposium on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Chronic Heart Failure

No description.

Chronic complications of diabetes

Slides to accompany the session Chronic complications of diabetes

Clinical aspects of liver disease

Lecture slides from the liver symposium

Clinically relevant pathology: inflammatory conditions of the respiratory system

Slides accompanying lecture covering: pneumonia; COPD; bronchiectasis; tuberculosis

Colorectal cancer

Slides to accompany BM4 lecture on colorectal cancer (clinical aspects & adenoma-carcinoma sequence)

Colorectal cancer pathology lecture slides

Presentation slides Dr Carr

Colorectal carcinoma

Slides and notes accompanying session on the pathology and histopathology of colorectal cancer

Diabetes feedback and revision Year 2 ELC

Slides by Prof Christopher Byrne

Diabetic Foot Symposium

Diabetic Foot Symposium

Diabetic nephropathy

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the pathophysiology of diabetic nephropathy; the extent of the problem and how it can be managed

Diabetic retinopathy: clinical features, pathophysiology and treatment

Slides in three parts, accompanying lecture on diabetic retinopathy. 1. Clinical features and classification of diabetic retinopathy 2. How does diabetes cause retinopathy? Pathophysiology of diabetic retinopathy 3. Management of diabetic retinopathy

Differences between acute and chronic inflammation

Table listing the differences between acute and chronic inflammation

Differential diagnoses of pneumonia

Slides accompanying session of differential diagnoses of pneumonia, considering a range of case studies

Directions to SGH rooms used for pathology small group teaching

Directions to tutorial rooms at Southampton General Hospital

Doctors, Disease and Society

Lecture slides: This is a varied and interactive teaching session that will help you to get to grips with the biopsychosocial model of health and illness.Two clinical cases will unfold over the course of the session


Slides accompanying lecture covering: recognising and classifying seizures; definition and causes of epilepsy; examination and management

Fibrosis Cirrhosis and Fatty Change 2019

Slides to accompany liver pathology lecture

Fibrosis, cirrhosis and fatty change

Slides to accompany liver pathology lecture

Fluid Balance

Chem Path slides by Niki Meston from lecture 2015/16

Genetic kidney diseases

Slides accompanying lecture covering: autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) and Alport disease

Glomerular pathology

Lecture slides

Head injury

Slides covering: principle types of lesions in head injury; extradural, subdural and intracerebral haematoma; surface contusions and brain lacerations; diffuse axonal injury (DAI); intracranial pressure (ICP)

Healing of wounds and fractures

Lecture slides to accompany BM5 year 1 wound healing lecture

Healing of wounds and fractures

Slides to accompany BM5 year 1 pathology lecture

Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic diseases lecture

Lecture given by Ms Chand March 2018

Histology of Lung Cancer

Slides accompanying lecture on the histology of lung cancer, describing the difference between non small cell and small cell lung cancer, and exploring how the histological type influences the prognosis, staging process and treatment options

How tumours behave

Lecture slides accompanying session covering: a tumour case study; malignant and benign tumours; metastasis; the clinical effects of a tumour; clinicopathological correlation of the case study

How tumours behave

Slides to accompany BM4 pathology lecture


Chem Path - Hypernatraemia Potassium Balance

Hypoxia, ischaemia and infarction

Slides accompanying lecture covering: mechanisms of ischaemia; pathophysiology of hypoxic cell damage; clinical case applying pathological principles; reperfusion injury

Inflammation (including the pathological changes in TB)

Lecture slides to accompany BM4 inflammation lecture

Inflammatory bowel disease symposium

Combined slides accompanying IBD symposium, covering the pathology, immunology, pharmacology and clinical aspects of IBD and coeliac disease

Inflammatory bowel disease symposium BM4

Slides accompanying symposium on the pathology, immunology, pharmacology and clinical aspects of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Intrinsic Renal Diseases

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the glomerulus and proteinuria; nephrotic syndrome; diabetic nephropathy; haemolytic uraemic syndromw

Introducing Pain Management

Introduces a System to management Pain successfully

Introduction to Alcohol and Addiction

This gives an overview of the area, core concepts that students need to be aware of and an understanding of how the week has been constructed to ensure students understand the mutifactorial nature of this complex clincal problem

Introduction to Pain Week

Contains 1. Overview of the field 2. Case (video) 3. Supporting information for the case 4. Resources for the supporting information a. Sciatica Option Grid b. NICE neuropathic pain pathway c. Startback d. Pain Management Programmes information 5. REsources for introductory lecture a.CMO England report on Pain

Introduction to immunology

Lecture slides accompanying the sessions on innate and acquired immunity, and the functioning of the acquired immune system

Kidney stones

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the importance of kidney stones; risk factors for stone formation; risk modification and kidney stone prevention

Liaison Psychiatry Older Adult

Lecture slides for Case 5: Pain and medication use in the elderly

Lung cancer

Slides and notes accompanying pulmonary pathology lecture covering: risk factors; symptoms and signs of lung cancer; classification of lung tumours; non-small cell and small cell carcinomas; tumour spread; staging; relative survival rates

Lung pathology 2: neoplastic conditions

Slides to accompany BM5 year 1 lecture on lung pathology (part 2 - neoplastic conditions)

Mechanisms of acute and chronic inflammation

Lecture slides accompanying acute & chronic inflammation.

Mini symposium - GI pathology cases

Example cases accompanying gastrointestinal pathology symposium: H pylori, Barrett's oesophagus, jaundice, pancreatitis

Myocardial infarction

Slides accompanying clinical symposium on myocardial infarction

Neoplasms of the kidney and urinary passages

Slides accompanying lecture covering common tumours of the kidney and urinary passages, and the principles of tumour pathology


No description.

Osteoarticular Pathology

Slides to accompany BM4 Year 2 lecture

Pain - Normal and Patho-Physiology

Exploring perceptions and experiences of pain


No description.


Lecture given by Dr Sara Waise

Pathological changes in common respiratory disorders

Slides accompanying lecture covering emphysema and chronic bronchitis, and the pathological principles of lung cancer

Pathology Revision Lecture

Slides accompanying BM5 Year 1 pathology revision lecture

Pathology and pathogenesis of arthritis

Self-study module giving an overview of the pathogenesis and pathology of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Pathology in the management of liver disease

Slides accompanying symposium on liver disease, describing: liver biopsy; fatty liver disease; chronic hepatitis; biliary tract disease; iron overload; metabolic disease

Pathology in the management of liver disease

Slides accompanying SBoM symposium on liver disease

Pathology of Diabetes

No description.

Pathology of Inflammatory Lung Disorders

Lecture: Pneumonia, Bronchiectasis, Tuberculosis, Asthma

Pathology of Shock

Slides accompanying BM4 lecture on the pathology of shock

Pathology of ageing and dementia

Slides accompanying lecture looking at how the brain changes with age and dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease and Huntingdon's disease

Pathology of common respiratory disorders (lung pathology 1)

Lecture slides to accompany lung pathology (part 1) lecture on 28/02/2020.

Pathology of dementia

Slides accompanying symposium on dementia, describing the pathology of vascular dementia, Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders

Pathology of lung cancer

Slides accompanying oncology ICE

Pathology of stroke

Slides describing the major pathological processes causing stroke, covering: cerebral infarction; intracerebral haemorrhage; subarachnoid haemorrhage

Pathology of the female genital tract

Slides to accompany BM5 year 2 lecture (2020).

Pathology of the male genital tract

Slides accompanying lecture on tumours of the male reproductive tract, covering: testicular tumours - germ cell tumours and Leydig cell tumours; prostate carcinoma (2020)

Pathology pot session (museum visit): BM5 year 2 online learning resource

Online resource to supplement the cancelled pot session due to the on-going Covid-19 situation.

Pathophysiology (oedema)

Lecture slides to accompany pathophysiology lecture - 2019.

Pathophysiology of COPD

Slides accompanying symposium on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Pathophysiology of Shock

Lecture slides

Pathophysiology of acute kidney injury

Slides accompanying lecture on acute kidney injury including pre-renal, intra-renal and post-renal injury, and describing some example cases

Pathophysiology of heart failure

Slides accompanying lecture on the pathophysiology of heart failure, covering: causes of cardiac failure; pathological changes in cardiac failure; symptoms of left and right sided heart failure

Pathophysiology of hypertension

Slides accompanying lecture covering: control of blood pressure; primary and secondary hypertension; mechanisms of hypertension

Peptic ulcer symposium BM4

Slides accompanying symposium covering various aspects of GI diseases and their treatment

Peptic ulcer symposium BM5 BMEU

Combined slides accompanying the peptic ulcer symposium, covering: Helicobacter pylori; Gastro-oesophageal reflux & Barrett’s oesophagus; Dyspepsia, ulcers, reflux and public health; Diagnosis and management of upper GI diseases; Drug treatments

Pharmacology of smoking

Lecture slides accompanying session on the effects of smoking and smoking-related diseases

Physiology and pathology of ageing

Slides accompanying lecture on the physiology of ageing and consequences of the physiological changes with ageing

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and Amenorrhoea

Lecture slides by Dr Al-Mrayat

Renal Pathology 1 - Glomerulus

Slides accompanying lecture on glomerular pathology

Renal Pathology 2018-2019

lecture slides

Renal Pathology 2: Tubulointerstial diseases

Slides accompanying lecture on the pathology of the renal tubule

Renal disease: translation of mechanisms into clinical features

Slides accompanying lecture on the pathological and clinical features of renal disease

Renal medicine in action - 13 years as a renal patient

Slides accompanying plenary case study

Renal pathology

Slides accompanying lecture covering: brief orientation and functions of the kidney; key renal pathology and its clinical presentation; the role of the laboratory in managing renal disease

Renal pathology

Slides accompanying lecture looking at the clinical presentations of renal pathology and the classification of kidney disease

Renal pathology

Slides to accompany BM4 renal pathology lecture.

Renal pathology - parts 1 & 2

Slides to accompany glomerular & tubular pathology lectures (BM5 2019-2020)

Renal pathology 2016

Lecture slides

Renal pathophysiology

Lecture slides


Slides to accompany Rheumatology Lecture given by Dr Emma Williams at RHCH

Science into Practice: Peripheral Neuropathy

Lecture slides from Georgina Burke 2019

Science into practice: Neurology cases 1

Slides accompanying lecture exploring neurology cases, covering: descending motor pathways; ascending sensory pathways; autonomic nervous system; history taking and examination; upper and lower motor neurone lesions

Science to Practice: Neurology "Where is the lesion?"

Slides accompanying the lecture given by Dr Aravinthan Varatharaj 2019


Slides accompanying lecture on aspects of shock, including: causes; pathological changes; physiological mechanisms; inotropic drugs; disorders of acid-base balance; antimicrobial therapy

Sketch maps of SGH rooms used for pathology small group teaching

Maps showing tutorial rooms at Southampton General Hospital

Smoking-related Pathology

Lecture BM 2nd year

Spinal Cord Injury

Slides by Dr Sam Hall

The genetics of dementia

No description.

The pathology of diabetes

Slides accompanying lecture reviewing the pathogenesis of diabetes, and exploring the pathophysiology of complications and common chronic complications

Thinking about disease

Lecture slides accompanying session covering: the biospsychosocial model of disease; evolution and medicine

Thrombosis and embolism

Lecture slides

Thrombosis and embolism

No description.

Thrombosis and thromboembolism

Slides accompanying lecture covering: endothelium and endothelial injury; atherosclerosis; myocardial infarction; arterial and venous thrombosis; Virchow's triad; air, fat and amniotic fluid embolism

Thyroid eye disease

Slides from Miss Siah's lecture

Too much pressure on the brain

Slides accompanying lecture on raised intracranial pressure (ICP) and space occupying lesions (SOL) using brain tumours as an example

Tumour biology

Lecture slides accompanying lecture on the characteristics of neoplasms, stem cells and genetics

Tutorial 4 - post-infective glomerulonephritis

Case study material for pathology tutorial

Understanding pathology

An introduction to the Subject Area of Pathology and how to study it at Southampton

Unhealthy ageing

Slides accompanying lecture on the pathology of ageing, covering the concept of frailty and the distinction between age-related impairments and pathological processes common in later life

Valvular Disease

No description.

Valvular disease and infective endocarditis

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the difference between valvular stenosis and incompetence; causes of valve disease including rheumatic fever and infective endocarditis; the effects on the heart


Venepuncture Clinical Skills presentation by Helen O'Horan

Venepuncture & Cannulation

Clinical Skills Presentation by Helen O'Horan

What is inflammation?

Lecture slides accompanying session on inflammation, covering the systemic effects of inflammation, neutrophils and pus.

pituitary symposium - Dr Al-Mrayat

Handout version of pituitary symposium

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