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FAQs regarding pass criteria, Standard setting and sequential testing for Finals OSCE

CSE Preparation resources

Resources prepared for finalists at different points and collated into a single place here

Clinical skills revision list Finals

A revision aide memoir for clinical skills in finals. N.B this is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all that can / might be examined in finals but instead should be considered as a list of common topics. Students should refer to the learning outcomes in the GMC publication outcomes for graduates as well as learning outcomes in module profiles

Clinical summary exam (CSE) - what is it?

Slides accompanying talk from Introduction to Final Year Assessment

Formative CSE With Answers

These versions of the question papers contain a model answer and either a marking commentary or marking guide. You should review these after attempting it yourself and compare your answer with the model answer

Formative Finals CSE Paper 2 Audiovisual

Question paper and video material for 2 questions Parts A & B of this paper. Depending on download speeds as AV files are large you may find it works better to download the file to a local drive first then open the question paper and play the AV file from a local drive to prevent buffering while you complete your attempt in a timed fashion. There is no specific answer booklet for these item instead you should use blank paper. A blank answer booklet is provided in the exam

Formative Finals CSE written Paper 1 Part B

Question paper and Answer booklets for Q 1 & 3 (N.B Question 2 is completed in a blank answer booklet so use blank paper) + normal values (as provided in an exam)

Formative Finals MCQ Examination

This is a short "taster" MCQ exam using single best answer questions similar to those used in finals. the MSC-AA retain the copyright to all items in their bank including these. Most cannot be published but these questions have been authorised for publication. We have therefore formatted it into a shortened Mock finals MCQ exam. Students are encouraged to use this resource placing themselves under exam conditions in the first instance and timed as per the rubric on the first page. Having done so they may then review the answers in the separate document also provided and authorized for publication to students, which includes a justification for the answers. While the Faculty is authorized to publish this to Final year students Students are not authorized to share the resource more widely.

Formative finals CSE written Paper 1 (part A)

The question paper and blank answer booklet for the Finals CSE written paper for paper 1 Part A

Information on the PSA for Final Year students

A reminder about the online PSA in Final Year, including what you need to bring on the day and other information. See also other Medshare resources by searching for PSA.

Prescribing Guidance

FAO: Final year students Please find attached a revision guide with some generic tips regarding practical prescribing. The document should be self-explanatory but allows you an opportunity to practice this important skill before you are an FY1. While we are unable to discuss this year’s finals it has commonly been assessed in previous finals, it is the area that many students struggle to master so being familiar with a drug chart is important. It is also an area that every year we receive lots of questions about, this hopefully helps pre-empt them. It has therefore been sent out to all final year students for the last 3 years and we are sending it again this year for the same reasons. It is not however intended to replace any part of your training but to supplement it. If you have questions regarding prescribing please ask the teams in your attachments or during the revision course. We regret the Exams and assessment team, exam & year coordinators will be unable to answer individual queries from students, as stated please address these in your placements and revision course.

Selection to the foundation programme

Slides accompanying talk on SJTs (Situational Judgement Tests) from the Introduction to Year 5 programme

eFolio: a practical guide

Slides accompanying talk from the Introduction to Year 5 programme

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