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A Guide to Writing in Patient Notes

Dr L Sykes requested this information is put on Blackboard 02/03/16


Clincial Skills Presentation on Blood Sugar and Urinalysis

Blood Glucose

Handout to accompany Clinical Skills Practical session with Claire Townsend


Weekly teaching Programme Physical Assessment facilitated by Dr Frye


Commsite: a resource to help communication skills. Providing videos and other resource items created by students for students

Community Geriatrics

Elderly Care Seminar

Confusion in Older People

Elderly Care Seminar

Falls and Fractures

Elderly Care Seminar

Fluid Balance

Chem Path slides by Niki Meston from lecture 2015/16


Chem Path - Hypernatraemia Potassium Balance

Interpreting a 12-lead ECG

ECG Presentation slides by Kirstin Welsh and Ryan Goodland

Introduction to Medicine & Elderly Care module

Slides from Introduction to Year 3

Introduction to Year 3

Slides accompanying talk from Introduction to Year 3

Introduction to Year 3 - the end

Concluding slides from Introduction to Year 3 days

Liver Disease Seminar

No description.

Motivating Behaviour Change

Presentation for BM5 3rd year 'Breaking the Cycle' lecture

Neurology 2015/16

Introduction to Neurology Lecture

Parkinson's Disease

Elderly Care Seminar


No description.

Presenting diseases made easy

Slides accompanying talk from Introduction to Year 3

Promoting Continence

Elderly Care Seminar

Renal Medicine

No description.


Slides accompanying talk from Year 3 Clinical Introduction

Sample TTO chart

The TTO (to take out) is completed for patients being discharged from hospital, summarising their hospital stay for their GP and acting as a prescription to order the drugs they need to take home with them.

Sarcopenia & Frailty

Elderly Care Seminar

Writing in the medical notes

Slides accompanying talk from Introduction to Year 3

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