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BM4 obesity week - dietitian talk

Slides accompanying session covering: the regulation of energy balance; the psycho-social impact of weight loss and gain; the principles of cognitive-behavioural weight loss programmes

Biochemistry of metabolism

Slides accompanying lecture on the biochemistry of metabolism, covering: carbs; amino acids; fats; generation of ATP.

Blood pressure

Measurement and monitoring of blood pressure. Clinical skills lecture by Claire Townsend 2018

Cell communication

Diagrams illustrating processes of cell communication

Human obesity - science vs stigma

Slides accompanying Wade lecture on obesity

Obesity - causes and consequences

Slides accompanying lecture looking at the rising prevalence of obesity and its implications for health and healthcare.

Obesity Overview Lecture

Lecture by Ms N Chand

Psychological aspects of obesity

Slides accompanying lecture covering: the psychological impact of being overweight or obese; the psychological factors involved in successful weight management; psychological interventions to tackle obesity; and the psychological impact of losing weight.


Measuring heart rate(pulse) and introduction to blood pressure. Lecture by Claire Townsend Nov 2018

Standardising anthropometric measurements

Definitions for measurements of height, weight and waist and hip circumference.

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