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AKI Presentation 2017

Oliguria and Acute Kidney Injury presentation from Dr. Wimbush

Acid base balance

Slides accompanying lecture covering: pH, acids, bases and buffers; handling acids and bases; control of acid base balance in the lungs and kidneys; metabolic acidosis

Acid base extra examples

Further examples accompanying session on acid base balance

Antibiotics - Antibiotic Stewardship

Slides accompanying session - 23rd Feb 2016


Acute / Chronic Kidney Injury Topic Week

Fluid balance

Slides accompanying lecture looking prescribing the correct IV fluids for patients

Renal pathology

Slides accompanying lecture looking at the clinical presentations of renal pathology and the classification of kidney disease

Renal physiology 1 - glomerular function

Slides accompanying lecture covering: functions of the kidney; the renal filter; GFR and net filtration pressure; regulation of GFR

The Davenport diagram

Examples explaining the Davenport diagram and the way it represents changes in acid base status

Urethral catheterisation

Slides explaining the reasons and procedure for catheterisation

Urinary system

Slides accompanying session on the structure and function of the urinary system

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